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Specialized in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers

Introducing Global Arabic Open Platform

The Arabic language is considered one of the most prevalent global languages in the world, and one of the most complete in the meanings and terms as it appeared in the rhetoric of the Noble Qur’an, and it is also one of the approved languages in the United Nations

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What Distinguishes Global Arabic Open Platform?

Interactive learning

Learning the Arabic language in an interactive and innovative way at any time and during the rest it helps you learn step by step


Obtaining an Global certificate from a prestigious university and Global evaluation

Live broadcast

Learning Arabic is now available through Arab professors at universities through live broadcast technology

Free and paid courses

Open courses with Arab specialists and academics develop your skills in learning the Arabic language

Global Arabic Platform articles and news

Why people prefer Global Arabic Platform?

  • Dr. Mahmoud Abdul-Razzaq Gothani

    The platform contains many Arab benefits, and offers what is useful in a new and fun way. Assistant Professor at the University of Alp Arslan, Mosh, Turkey

    Since month ago
  • Lecturer Ahmed Alloush

    A new and pioneering idea in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. Director of the Ottoman Language Center, Kahramanmaraş, Turkey

    Since two months
  • Lecturer Nizamüddin EİD

    The platform was able to teach the Arabic language in a distinct and unprecedented interactive way, and this is what we need today in this field. Lecturer at the University of May 19, Samsun, Turkey.

    since a week




Scientific materials

Scientific materials

Direct chats

Direct chats

Prices list

  • Including the shared learning onlyThe student can enter and interact with all lessons and exams

80 $ Every three Months

25% Discount The most popular
  • Including the interactive Arabic Student skype
  • Including the shared learning The student can enter and interact with all lessons and exams

99.9 $ Every three Months

  • Including the interactive Arabic Student skype

60 $ Every three Months

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